• Q. What is VibroAcoustic Therapy?

    A. VibroAcoustic Therapy occurs when music is converted to tactile sensations which permeate your whole body with stimulating and soothing sound vibrations. This is achieved through the unique Somatron Second Diaphragm which allows a person to feel these sensory tactile music vibrations while sitting or laying on our equipment. These music vibrations differ from mechanical vibrations that only vibrate at one speed at a time. Music vibrations deliver multiple frequencies or speeds at various intensities simultaneously. Each musical instrument produces a multiplicity of frequency vibrations with each note played. In addition music overtones add variations in the intensity of the vibrations.

    These complex vibrations provide a therapeutic experience much more powerful than that of a single vibration created mechanically.

    VAT in Europe and England often refers to a series if simple frequencies between 20 and 130 Hz. These are very low frequencies only. Most music contains some of these frequencies in various degrees in addition to a multiplicity of higher tones.

    For more information, go to our Home page, and click the link for "Music".

  • Q. What is VAT?

    A. VAT is the short form for VibroAcoustic Therapy.

  • Q. How does Somatron VibroAcoustic Therapy assist in easing suffering and facilitating recovery?

    A. Somatron Rehab Products assist to ease suffering and facilitate recovery primarily by three methods:

    1. Tactile vibrations override the pain signal to the brain reducing the "sensation or feeling" of pain felt by the patient. This in turn reduces the patients muscular contractions which constrict the blood flow to the trauma area.
    2. Music has been proven over many years to create a calming effect referred to as "The Relaxation Response". In this state a patient will experience a reduction in anxiety, muscle tension and pain sensations.
    3. Tactile music vibrations cause the body to release "Endorphins" which are known to create a beneficial euphoric effect.

    More specific information is available by clicking "Clinical Studies" and reading the NIH and other studies.

  • Q. What are the stereo requirements?

    A. A compact "Bookshelf" stereo with dock for an i Pod, MP3 Player or similar music source is included with all Somatron Rehab Products. Should the need arrive to purchase a replacement stereo we can supply one or the following information will assist you in your purchase:

    • A stereo or amplifier with 20 to 200 watts of power is ideal. The advertised power ratings are often exaggerated, therefor a larger rated stereo is generally acceptable for most products. Please call us for advice.
    • "Bookshelf Units" are ideal as they are compact and low cost.
    • Most stereos now have a dock for an iPod, MP3 Player or similar music source.
    • See below for connection instructions.
    • NOTE: If speakers come with the stereo it is important that you do not connect these speakers at the same time that that you connected the Somatron Rehab Product. However it is possible to connect both the stereo speakers and the Somatron Rehab product(s) with the use of a controller.
    • Controller:
      The controller allows
      • The connection of external speakers that may come with the stereo and the Somatron Rehab product(s) at the same time.
      • Multiple Somatron Rehab products simultaneously to one stereo.
  • Q. Can I purchase a stereo unit from Rehab Products?

    A. Yes, stereo units are available for purchase.

  • Q. How do I connect my Somatron product to a stereo?

    A. Basic Audio Connection Instructions:

    Connect the cable from the SOMATRON REHAB product to the stereo according to the following color codes:

    Red Right Plus or R +
    Black Right Minus or R -
    Green Left Plus or L +
    White Left Minus or L -


    Questions or difficulties? Please contact us and we will gladly assist you or send additional information should you require it.  Call us toll free at 800-544-4294

  • Q. What color choices are available?

    A. Most products are stocked in only 1 color. Consult each individual product specification for this color.

    The following 7 Standard colors are available for many products at no additional charge but may require additional manufacturing time, see color chart. India Ink (Black); South Pacific (Blue); Amethyst Purple; Peacock Green; Geranium Red; Moonscape (Light Gray); Latte (Brown).

  • Q. What if I want a different color?

    A. Special order colors are also available, see color chart. These are offered at an additional charge and extend the manufacturing time.

  • Q. What are the approximate manufacturing times?

    A. Depending on the Rehab Product:

    • Two weeks for portables, mattresses and soft furniture.
    • Four weeks for Recliners, Exercise Rocking Chair, Fitness Floor Rocker and Therapy Lounge.
    • Six weeks for Waterbed, Treatment Table and special orders.
  • Q. Are there charges for Shipping and Handling?

    A. Yes, based on the following destinations:

    • In the continental U.S., shipping and handling will be quoted and charges are based on the product, quantity of items and destination.
    • Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico shipping and handling will require more information and will be quoted separately.
    • Outside of the U.S. shipment will require the purchaser to provide a freight forwarder and purchaser is responsible for payment to the freight forwarder.
  • Q. Is there a Warranty?

    A. Our Rehab Products are warranted for one year, from the shipping date, against defects in materials and workmanship.

  • Q. Are there any cleaning instructions?

    A.  Day-to-day soil-remove ordinary dirt and smudges with a mild soap and warm water solution. Dry with a soft,lint-free cloth or towel. For more difficult stains, use a stronger detergent; however, follow the detergent manufacturer’s instructions closely.Special Cleaning Problems
    Many stains will be removed when these cleaning agents are used in the following order:

    Step 1: Use nonabrasive household cleaners such as Formula 409 All Purpose Spray Cleaner or Fantastik Spray Cleaner with water and a soft cloth.
    Step 2: Use a solvent-type cleaner such as rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)liberally applied with a soft cloth. Dry area with another cloth, rinse with clean water and dry.
    Step 3: Use strong, active solvent cleaners such as nail polish remover(acetone / water) applied with a soft cloth. Stain should be removed with less then six (6) rubs; if stain persists after six rubs, stain has probably set** and may not be capable of being removed. Dry area with another cloth, rinse with clean water and dry.
    *Caution: These solvents are highly flammable. Exercise proper care in cleaning and notify personnel in area of danger. Wear rubber gloves during all cleaning activity. Use caution in cleaning around buttons, stitching and wooden or decorative trim, since these solvents could easily damage such areas.

    **Although vinyls protected with PreFixx are resistant to most common stains, some fabric dyes have the ability to create a permanent stain. To minimize any problems from these and other stains, it is recommended that as soon as they are notices all stains should be cleaned, making sure the recommended cleaning steps are followed in order.

  • Q. Are our Rehab Products patented?

    A. We are protected by U.S. and International patents, and patents pending, including Canada, Britain, Germany, France and Japan.

  • Q. Are Somatron Rehab Products medical devices?

    A. Somatrons are not manufactured or sold as medical devices by the Somatron Rehab Corporation.

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